Biblical Songs (opus 99)
By Antonín Dvorák (1841-1904)

MIDI Files Copyright (c) 1998
by Constantine Peters


The attached MIDI files were created using Cakewalk Pro Audio v.7 as an
accompaniment to a concert/recital I gave on May 31, 1998 at Redland Baptist
Church ( in Rockville, Maryland, USA.

Biblical Songs was written during the March of 1894 during Dvorák's stay in the
United States as the director of the National Conservatory located in New York City.
There he advised young American composers to use the American folk idiom, especially
Negro spirituals and certain Native American rhythms, as the basis for a body of
new American music. It was during this time he was informed of the death of the
famous conductor, and close personal friend, Hans von Bülow. Just a month earlier,
Dvorák was grieved to hear that his father was near death, far away in Bohemia.
Out of this deep personal tragedy came Dvorák's finest of his song cycles, that
being the Biblical Songs, opus 99.

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The attached file are MIDI performances of Antonin Dvorak's 10 Biblical Songs (Opus 99)
The files comprising the mass are as follows in order of performance:

1 - d01.mid Clouds and Darkness (Psalm 97:2-6)
2 - d02.mid Lord, Thou art my refuge (Psalm 119:114-119)
3 - d03.mid Hear my prayer (Psalm 55:1-8)
4 - d04.mid God is my shepherd (Psalm 23:1-4)
5 - d05.mid I will sing new songs (Psalm 145:1-7 & 144:9)
6 - d06.mid Hear my prayer, O Lord (Psalm 63:1-8)
7 - d07.mid By the waters of Babylon (Psalm 137:1-6)
8 - d08.mid Turn Thee to me (Psalm 25:16-21)
9 - d09.mid I will list mine eyes (Psalm 121:1-8)
10 - d010.mid Sing ye a joyful song. (Psalm 98:1-8)

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professional and/or commercial use of this file without the expressed written
permission of Constantine 'Dean' Peters is strictly prohibited. I have to ask this, not
because I think I'm going to get rich off of this piece, but to remind others who
may profit from the piece of the days and hours laboring over this effort. More
often than not, I give it away to those who ask.

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The following text matches the lyrics of the Antonín Dvorák's Biblical Songs (opus 99).


1. Clouds and Darkness (Psalm 97:2-6)
Clouds and darkness are round about Him;
righteousness and judgment, these are His habitation.
From His presence goeth fire and consumeth
all His enemies.
For His lightnings have lighten'd the world,
the earth beheld and trembled.
Mountains shall melt as wax at His presence,
when the Mighty One
cometh to judgment.
The heavens declare His truth and righteousness,
and all earth rejoiceth in His greatness.

2. Lord, Thou art my refuge (Psalm 119:114-119)
Lord, Thou art my refuge and my shield,
and in Thy word put I my trust.
Out of my sight, ye that do evil,
for my heart is fixed, I will hold fast to God's commandments.
Strengthen me, that I may keep Thy law,
and that Thy statutes may be my delight.
I am afraid of Thee and of Thy greatness,
trembling do I come before Thy judgment seat.

3. Hear my prayer (Psalm 55:1-8)
Hear my pray'r, O Lord, my God !
Hide not Thy face from my petition.
Bow Thine ear to me,
and hearken unto the voice of my mourning,
to the voice of my mourning.
Pained sore is my heart within,
and trembling hath fallen upon me,
the fear of death overwhelms me.
Hear my sighing.
Oh, had I but eagle's pinions,
had I wings like the silver dove!
Far away would I wander,
I would hide me in the wilderness.
On wings I would hasten
to hide from the storm,
the storm and fearful tempest.

4. God is my shepherd (Psalm 23:1-4)
God is my shepherd, I want for nothing.
My rest is in the pleasant meadows.
He leadeth me where quiet waters flow.
My fainting soul doth He restore
and guideth me in the ways of peace,
to glorify His name.
And though in death's dark valley
my steps must wander,
my spirit shall not fear
for Thou are by me still.
Thy rod and staff are with me,
and they shall comfort me.

5. I will sing new songs (Psalm 145:1-7 & 144:9)
I will sing new songs of gladness,
I will sing Jehovah's praises
upon a ten-string psaltery.
Ev'ry day will I extol Thee
and will bless Thy Holy Name,
I will bless Thy Holy Name.
Great is God and great His mercy.
Who shall tell of all His greatness ?
Who shall His pow'r declare ?
My song shall be of praise and honor,
and of Thy glorious acts.
They works are wonderful,
past our knowing.
Yeah, men shall tell of Thy great kindness
and of They wond'rous might,
and my voice shall proclaim aloud Thy Glory.

6. Hear my prayer, O Lord (Psalm 63:1-8)
Hear my pray'r, O Lord
give ear unto my cry.
Thou art my refuge and my hope,
Thou shalt tread down my enemies.
I will dwell forever in They tents
and hide me in the shadow of Thy wings.
Lord ! Though art indeed my God,
yea, I will seek Thee early.
My soul is faint, my body longeth,
longeth after Thee
in a barren desert where there is no water.
Now I will bless Thee daily and lift my hands in pray'r and adoration;
yea, my lips will praise Thee all my life long.

7. By the waters of Babylon (Psalm 137:1-6)
By the waters of Babylon,
there we sat us down and wept
when we remember'd thee, O Zion.
As for our harps,
we hanged them upon the willow trees.
For they that had brought us to misery
asked us for a joyful song.
Yea, they did speak to us with mocking words:
"Sing us now, sing us one of the songs of Zion!"
Then we did answer:
"How can we sing to you,
how can we sing our glad songs
in a strange land ?"
Jerusalem, if I should forget thee,
O, Jerusalem, then,
then let my right hand forget her cunning.

8. Turn Thee to me (Psalm 25:16-21)
Turn Thee to me and have mercy,
for I am desolate and sore distressed.
Great, great are the sorrows of my heart;
bring me out of my distress,
bring me out of my distress.
Oh be merciful,
look on my sorrow,
see mine affliction and forgive me all my wickedness.
Oh, keep my soul in safety and deliver me.
Let me never be confounded
for my hope is in Thee,
for my hope is in Thee, in Thee.

9. I will list mine eyes (Psalm 121:1-8)
I will list mine eyes upon the mountains
whence cometh my help.
My help cometh from God
Who hath made the earth and the heavens.
He will not suffer thy feet to be moved nor thy steps to stumble.
He that keepeth thee will not slumber.
Behold, the keeper of Israel is He that slumbers not
nor sleeps.

10. Sing ye a joyful song. (Psalm 98:1-8)
Sing ye a joyful song unto the Lord,
Who hath done marvelous, marvelous things.
Praise the Lord all the earth !
Sing praises, shout and be joyful.
Let the sea roar and all that is therein.
The round world and all they that dwell there.
Lift your voices, floods and tempests.
Mountains, clap your hands for joy.
Let the fields laugh and sing with waving corn,
and let all the trees of the forest be joyful !

- the end -
Copyright (c) 1998 Constantine 'Dean' Peters;